From comfort zone to one of the biggest adventures of my life

March 25 2015  no comment

Two years ago I was approached for something far out of my comfort zone: “Gruus, do you want to join a 5 day walking trip in the Gobi Desert”. After some initial doubt, I thought of all the adventures that lay ahead and all the people I would meet. So together with one of my business partners (he said yes in 2 seconds :)), we embarked on this trip.

In China we were welcomed by an enthusiastic and dedicated team of organisers. From the hotel before and after, to the tents and food in the desert, everything was really well organised.

The four days of hiking were great. Different landscapes everyday.
Nice views, adventurous terrain. One day more hills. Another featured great stretched of sand desert. Dried riverbeds. Ancient buildings.
The variety was really surprising and made every hour of the hike different.

At night in the camp the atmosphere was very good. Although many suffered blisters, the mood was good and everyone talked with one another.

In conclusion, a great trip, one of the biggest adventures of my life and memories for many years to come. If you have the opportunity to go…

Gruus van Woerkom

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